Residential and Commercial Insulation services for New Jersey

Did you know?....A well insulated house can help conserve up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs. Find out how we can help. 
  • Why Choose Pro Insulation Company?

    Reasons to Go with Pro

    At Pro Insulation our goal is to provide both home owners & builders the highest quality of service & workmanship by working with you as a team. We can meet your deadlines for inspection & give you quality workmanship at the best possible price. Pro Insulation uses only the highest quality of materials for your home or project. Our service staff provides you with over 40 years of experience. You will be greeted by our friendly team of professional insulators who will quickly and efficiently complete your insulating project.

  • Residential Home Insulation

    Proper home insulation can save you up to 40% on your utility bill.

    Pro Insulation provides home insulation solutions that will create a barrier between your home and the outside environment .

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    Make your home warmer and healthier

    Insulation will increase the comfort of your home while saving you money on your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%

    Find out how to make your home more comfortable
  • A commercial facility can also benefit from energy savings through proper insulation

    Commercial Facility Insulation

    Pro can take care of all your commercial insulation needs

    We have extensive experience in commercial insulation projects. Big or small, we can handle the job. Give us a call today to see how Pro Insulation can help increase your buildings efficiency by insulating your commercial space.

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    Go Green with Recycled Insulation Solutions

    Pro Insulation offers recycled insulation

    If going green is a priority to you, Pro Insulation can help. There are a variety of options available such as recycled denim, spray foam and cellulose. With the concerns of our environment growing, it’s great to know there are ways we can be more eco- responsible. Being green first starts with being energy efficient. Your heating and cooling consumption can easily be reduced by 30 – 40 % by properly insulating and air sealing your home or business.

  • R value map based on Geo location

    R Value is the rating of a materials insulating properties

    How much insulation is enough?

    Does your home have enough insulation? The amount of insulation a material provides is measured by its R-value. R-values can help you decide which type of insulation material to use, and how thick it should be. It’s the measure of how well it can reduce the flow of warm and cold air into and out of your home or business.

    Find out more about recommended R values for your home
  • Pro Insulation is Family owned and operated for over 25 years

    Pro Insulation serves New Jersey and parts of New York

    Pro Insulation is committed to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. To see how we can help you, click the link below or give us a call at 908-226-3500 today!

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What our clients are saying...

4.8 Stars - Based on 35 User Reviews

Here are just a few of our client testimonials. Hear directly from people who’ve used our insulation services and find out how our work has made a real difference in their homes and businesses.

These stories show how we’re committed to not only making spaces comfortable, energy-efficient, and reliable, but how we are committed to providing an amazing customer experience. 

    Fred and his staff did an excellent job at our home. I had a mold problem and wanted some painting done. Fred gave an estimate and explained in detail the mold problem and how to correct the issue. His staff arrived on time, had the correct materials to ensure the house would be kept tidy and went to work immediately. I referred him to other people who were also pleased.

    Diane and Johnny

    Fred and Mitch were recommended by a friend who is a General Contractor and has worked on several job sites with them. True to his word they were beyond kind and courteous. Fred came out to meet me and go over the project. He gave me both a verbal and written estimate within 24 hours of us meeting. We scheduled the job between christmas and new year! They showed up early and were in and out in the time that was estimated. They are professional, personable and take pride in their work. It was a pleasure working with them and I am actually going to have them to additional work for me. I highly recommend them.

    Aimee McElroy

    Provides Superior customer service and prompt and free quotes/estimates.

    Diane Smith

    Fred came to my home for a quote and was extremely professional. He took the time to explain and went above and beyond. When I came home the job was complete and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him and will use him again in the future.

    David B.

    Fred was really helpful throughout the insulation process. Out of all of my other contractors, he was the only one that passed inspection on the first try. The township inspector was really impressed with his work as well, he gave him a big compliment.

    Lenny H.

    Hello, I just wanted to write a few words regarding Pro Insulation. Today, I used Fred and his team to replace and add insulation to my attic crawl spaces. They did a great job and were done within record time! I truly appreciate their professionalism and kind manner. Everything was very organized, before they started the job they covered the floors and any areas that were being used to do their work as well as cleaning up everything when they were done. I would definitely recommend Pro Insulation and would use them again and again. The cost was fairly priced and Fred answered any questions or concerns I had prior to the job being started.

    Anna L.

    Pro Insulation is a great company! They are extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Claire C.

    Pro Insulation is by far the best contractor experience I have ever had. He was always punctual, polite, and has a great crew. He came knowledgeable and ready to solve my needs with solutions that nobody else offered. He worked faster than I expected and cleaned everything up when he was done. My insulation came out great, the garage holds temperature much better now, and it looks nicer too. There is nobody better than Pro Insulation in my opinion.

    Bryan F

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  1. Pro Insulation installing spraying spray foam insulation into a barren wall

    Quality Work

    We put a great deal of focus on detail. Our experienced team ensures you receive the best quality service, commitment and workmanship to make sure your project is completed as it should be.

  2. Pro Insulation Company is committed to the safety of our clients as well as our staff


    We pride ourselves on quality as well as safety. From pre-job planning to daily execution we understand that safety is a key component of protecting our team and your property.

  3. A clean installation of insulation hung between roof rafters


    At Pro Insulation we are committed to providing quality service in a timely manner. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, we work extremely hard to complete each project in the most efficient manner.