Why Insulate?The benefits are real

Why Insulate Your Home?

Making sure your home is properly insulated doesn’t only save you money on heating and cooling cost, it can make your home more comfortable by absorbing unwanted noises and increasing your homes comfort. It can prevent sound from being transmitted through the walls or floors in your home. Fiberglass insulation helps to keep potentially dangerous molds or mildews from growing inside your walls, ducts and ceilings. Here at Pro Insulation Company we are committed to helping you find the right insulation you need for your project. 

How does insulation help in the winter?

Attic insulation works to keep the inside air in, and the outside air out. It also acts as a moisture barrier between the wood structure of your roof and indoor condensation.

In the winter, when the air’s ability to hold water decreases, moisture and condensation can build up inside your home due to cooking, showers, and other activities. Insulation provides a barrier between the built-up of moisture and the cold wood surfaces in your attic. 

Why Should I Insulate My Garage?

An insulated garage will lower your utility bills and help you save money. An uninsulated garage can’t retain warm or cold air. If you try to heat it during the winter, warm air will escape through the walls. The same thing will occur during the summer, cold air will escape through the walls as well. Most garages are connected to the rest of the house. If it’s not properly insulated it will suck the warm and cold air from the rest of the house, which will cause you to spend more money on heating and air conditioning cost. Garage insulation will keep your garage from pulling air from the rest of the house, so your electric bills will go down and your home will stay comfortable. 

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam is the best Insulation on the market. Spray Foam seals cracks and crevices sealing out air and moisture. It is sprayed on as a liquid and expands to fill in any cracks forming an energy barrier. Spray Foam Insulation can save up to 40% on your energy bills. It can reduce mold and is great for hard to reach areas. Foam is environmentally friendly and increases the comfort of your home. 

Insulation Tips