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  • How do you know where to insulate?

    There are many areas in your home that should be insulated, not just your attic. For specifics on where to insulate in your home, talk to an experienced insulation contractor. As a general rule, you should install insulation in the • Walls • Attic • Crawl spaces • Basement • Floors • Ceilings • Around ductwork, piping, etc.
  • Can insulation help reduce unwanted sound?

    Yes, insulation is an effective way to reduce unwanted sound. Insulation effectively reduces noise transmission through floors and through interior and exterior walls.
  • Should I re-insulate my home?

    Re-insulating your home can produce many benefits such as – lower monthly bills, higher energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. You should probably reinsulate your home if it was built in the 1970s or earlier
  • What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

    Due to its total coverage and tight seal it creates, spray foam is great for crevices, small gaps, wrapping pipes and ducts and cracks in your home’s shell
  • What does R-value mean?

    R value is how effective insulation is at stopping heat transfer. It measures how well it can reduce the flow of warm and cold air into and out of your home or business. The higher the R-value the more effective it will be. To achieve the highest possible R-value, you must insulate properly to use less energy. Less energy means more savings.
  • How much can insulation save?

    It is difficult to measure exactly how much insulation can save you. We know that customers can save a lot of money each year by installing insulation. Reinsulating is a great way to maximize your energy efficiency.
  • What are the benefits of insulation?

    There are many benefits to insulating besides lowering your energy bills• Muffles noises from outside and between different rooms and levels in your home• Helps reduce air leakage• Helps to improve efficiency of your air conditioner• Helps to keep your home comfortable all year round• Can improve the resale value in your home
  • What job opportunities are available?

    Pro Insulation is always looking for quality employees. Please use the contact us form to inquire about current job opportunities.
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